ClickBank and AdWords - A Guide for New Users

Thousands of affiliates have joined Clickbank and are earning an income on a regular basis. You should not hesitate in joining Clickbank if you want your business to take off! Although it sounds easy, let me tell you that it's not. There are a few things you need to know about which product is best to sell.

Below you will find a few tips which helped me when I first started out using Clickbank to make money.

Clickbank for Newbies #1
When selecting a product to sell, be sure to choose one that pays you at least fifty percent commission. how to make money with clickbank from $12 to $28 to $99. I generally tend to use products that pay out over $20.

Clickbank for Newbies #2
Go to Google and search for a key phrase related to the product. If you find over 11 sponsored listings all selling the same thing the market is too saturated, or your key phrase is too general. Try and be a bit more specific. Use long tailed keywords, those are keywords with three or more words in them. For example instead of saying golf slice, say rather how to cure my golf slice

Clickbank for Newbies #3
Does the copy on the website make you want to buy the product? If it does then you may be onto a winner. If it's boring and turns you off it will do the same for your customers. Go back to Clickbank and see if there is another similar product but with better copy.

Clickbank for Newbies #4
Do they offer a money back guarantee? A great guarantee will boost sales. Also it lets you know that the seller has confidence that there will not be many returns. Also having a bonus never hurts either.

Clickbank for Newbies #5
Be sure to check a sales merchant's page for any sales leaks. Some merchants have a mix of 2checkout as well as Clickbank merchant processor on the same sales page. It is not good for you as a Clickbank affiliate. Sales that occurred by the payment processor not of Clickbank will result in a loss of commission for you.Don't let you hard marketing go to waste.

These five simple Clickbank tips can help you on your way to making money using Clickbank.

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